GPS tracking on all tractors allows D&M to provide customers with real time delivery updates.

We have the ability to view each individual trucks current location and where they have been throughout the day.

Customers are also able to view status of each load with a tracking number provided by D&M. We can also provide customers with arrival and departure emails when the vehicles enter & exit the delivery location.

D&M Transportation is compliant with the FMCSA’s December 2017 ELD mandate with the recent installation of the uDrove tracking system in all of our tractors.  This insures that there will be no interruption in service when the mandate goes into effect on December 18, 2017.  

Since 1985, D&M Transportation Services, Inc. has proven to be one of the most reliable carriers in the tri-state area.  D&M's operates out of  South Jersey Port's Broadway Marine Terminal in Camden, NJ.  This unique location has allowed us to establish strong relationships with the terminals that handle your cargo.  D&M Transportation Services, Inc. specializes in local movements with an emphasis on customer service.  This excellent service has allowed us to maintain a loyal customer base.  Our newer company owned equipment transports a wide variety of products including steel/tinplate coils, slabs, wire rod, structural steel and pipe.  D&M's TWIC compliant company drivers have extensive knowledge regarding how to handle this cargo, ensuring that your load will always arrive safely and on time.Type your paragraph here.

D&M operates within a 150 mile radius of our terminal based in Camden, NJ.

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